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Transfering ps1 save games from my PC to my Playstation


Today I received my DexDrive in the mail and was finally able to get it up and running. I will say that if it wasn't for the following three things I would have been out of luck:

  • Dexter - the software that would actually get the device to work on my WinXP machine
  • Aldo's Tools - a friendly website with plenty of helpful applications for converting the save files to a format that can go on the playstation 1 memory card.
  • Helpful emulation forums - someone has bound to have tried to do what you're trying to do!

Here's how it works out for me - using my playstation emulator PSXFIN, my memory cards show up as .bin files. Unfortunately, those aren't the kind of files that Dexter can read and copy to my handy little memory card. But thanks to a helpful forum I found out that .bin is really just RAW data so i change the extension to .mcr and all of a sudden Dexter is happily copying my save games to my memory card.

Dexter in action!

Now I can chase Sepheroth on my trusty chocobo hither and yon, using my laptop or my playstation depending on whether my wife wants to watch something else or not.

Final Fantasy VII on my laptop


I. Have. No. Idea What you just said.



i'm a bit surprised at how geeky that post was also.

sorry about that... here's the easy version: i like playing playstation games on my laptop. but on occasion i would like to be able to play that same game on my actual playstation. the dexdrive will let me copy my saved game from the laptop to the playstation so i can do that.

does that make more sense?
Сегодня привезли Playstation Portable! Вместе с приставкой еще идут 6 отличных игр. В итоге выходит неплохая экономия :)


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